Installgen 1.75

Installgen 1.75: Automate Oracle 8i/9i installs on Solaris, Windows,  Linux and Mac OS X Standby Database Scripts in Seconds -- Implement a Standby Database in Minutes -- Setup Standby Database without Impacting Primary Database -- Standby Database Archivelog Management -- Menu Driven Standby Database Management -- Well Documented Process -- Use Installgen To Document Existing Configurations -- Multiple Platforms Supported -- DBA Can Review/Modify Generated Scripts -- Save Your Configuration -- Easy Installgen Installation -- Perl Source

Auto Power-on Shut-down 2.82: Control your computer go to 'sleep' and resume automatically
Auto Power-on Shut-down 2.82

standby, hibernation as well as power-off at a specified date and time, help you prevent throwing money away to an always-on system. And it also allows you to auto-start up your computer to work at a specified date and time, even if the system was stopped in hibernation or standby states. Features: Let your computer go to "sleep" as well as power off at a specified date and time. Control your computer resume from sleep states (standby or hibernation

clear up, back up, auto shutdown, turn on

Quick ShutDown 2.6: Handy tool for Windows shutdown with a mouse click.
Quick ShutDown 2.6

standby or lock your Windows session with a mouse click. When Quick ShutDown is running, an accurate miniature icon appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the Start button (next to the clock). Right-click on the icon and you have a choice to shutdown, reboot, standby, hibernate, lock, logoff and eject removable media. You can preset a command so that all you need to do is to left double-click on the its icon in the desktray and that function

completely, flash shutdown, hibernate, close pop up windows, icon utility, shutdown tool, tool, fast windows shutdown, logoff, instant shutdown, power off, restart, eject media

Prof Shutdown LT 3.3.1: Scheduled shutdown, reboot and wakeup (Wake-On-LAN) computers on network
Prof Shutdown LT 3.3.1

Program allows scheduled shutdown, reboot and wakeup (Wake-On-LAN) computers on the local network. You can easy perform actions for any number of work stations. Local machine can be scheduled to shutdown, reboot, hibernate, standby, log off current user session, lock computer, wake up from Hibernate or Standby mode, and display a popup message dialog. Program has a command line support, log files, etc.

wakeup, power off, reboot, hibernate, wake on lan, schedule, remote, group, ping, shutdown, sleep

PC Control 1.6: PC Control gadget allow perform action at specified time.
PC Control 1.6

PC Control gadget allow perform action at specified time (standby, shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate). Also allows for simple, easy-to-click shutdown, standby, restart, logoff or hibernation of your computer from Windows Gadgets.

restart, standby, hibernate, shutdown, computer, logoff

ShutdownTray 1.3.2: ShutdownTray allows easy access to your system`s power settings. Free.
ShutdownTray 1.3.2

ShutdownTray 1.3.2 allows quick and easy access to all of your system`s power options (shutdown, restart, standby, log off, and more). This version allows you quick access to shudown, restart, standby, hibernate, log off, turn off monitor and trigger the screen saver. You can also force a shutdown and a restart.

restart, hibernate, shutdown, shutdowntray, shut down

MF Shutdown Manager 2.1.0: All in one Tool that can manage automatic tasks and power on the System.
MF Shutdown Manager 2.1.0

standby, hibernate, Log off, and lock workstation at any specified date or after specified period of time. Save tasks and repeat them even if the program is not running at all. Integrate commands directly in Explorer`s context menu. Launch any saved task file simply by double-clicking it. Launch the program from the Command-Line-Interface with many options. Clear Windows 7 Jump Lists History with one click. Power-On from Standby( S3 ) or Hibernation

hibernate, files, chrome, timer, opera, internet explorer, shutdown, alarm, privacy, power off, reboot, standby, launch

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